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My sister was overweight all her life.  All through grade school, high school, and then college she has faced kids (and adults) looking down on her and even making fun of her because of her size.

When she was 32 years old, her six-year-old son, Cameron, innocently asked her, “Mommy, why are you so fat?”  With tears in her eyes, she told him that she was going to change that.  She had just realized that her only child was ashamed of her.

He showed signs of embarrassment when she picked him up from school.  After all, most of the other kids had mommies with beautiful bodies.  Her son did not have a daddy in his life so she knew she had to do something about her weight.  She wanted her son to be proud of his mother since she was the only parent he had in his life.  So just a few days before her 33rd birthday, she went into the hospital to have gastric bypass (weight loss) surgery.

Little Cameron's main concern was that she would be in the hospital on her birthday.  “Don't worry,” she told him, “you can have mommy a birthday party when I get out.”  Satisfied with that, he kissed his mommy one last time before going into surgery.  The surgery went well, but the day after did not.  My sister went into cardiac arrest (for an unknown reason) and died.

It was the hardest thing in the world for me to do, to tell my six-year-old nephew that his mommy was gone.  He seemed numb and did not cry for a good while.  Then he looked up at me with tears falling down his cheeks and said, “I wish Mommy didn't have that surgery; I liked her fat.”

My heart sank.

It was then that I realized how much of an impact a person's words, remarks and comments can have on someone.  She made the final decision to have that surgery, knowing there was a chance she would not make it, just because of what OTHER people thought of her.

To this day (four years later), Cameron still looks up into the sky before he goes to bed at night and says, “Good night mommy, you're a beautiful angel with a new body.”  And each year on her birthday, we go to the cemetery with helium-filled birthday balloons and sing “Happy Birthday” to mommy.  Then we release the balloons and watch them go up to heaven where mommy saves them all.

Motivated to please others, a young woman lost her life.  Far more lose years of life due to excess weight.  It does not have to be.  There is another way.   There are many safe options.  Fortunately, this book or audio series can be in your hands.  Please read it in its entirety!  The contents could add years to your life.  In more critical instances, it may save you from an early death due to obesity and weight-related diseases.

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