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10 Minute GUARANTEE!

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Two minute author intro

The 10 Page – 10 Minute

Within each 10 pages of FAT2Fine or 10 minutes of the audio seminar you must find at least one thing that is beneficial, inspiring, advantageous, helpful, applicable to YOUR life or life changing or

Valid for purchases within 30 days direct from

You don’t have money to waste.  You don’t have money to throw away on things that don’t deliver, but most end up paying a small fortune for diet pills, super expensive products that claim to knock weight off of you, special shakes, medicine, videos, gym memberships and the like.

Most books and CDs aren’t guaranteed because dishonest people will read the book or copy the CDs then request a refund.

Many books also aren’t guaranteed because a lot them don’t meet the expectations or the claims.

The guarantee for FAT2Fine is this:

If you don’t think it’s worth $29.95 to you, we will send you a full refund as long as you return the books or CDs to us within  30 Days from the date of receipt.

All you risk is the shipping charge.

If you don’t find something highly beneficial to you in each 10 pages of the book OR each 10 minutes of the audio series then send the book back.

Fair enough?

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