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I am a scientist.  After devoting many years to intense research of good health practices, nutrition, physical fitness, and the habits of healthy people as opposed to those around the world who are not healthy, much of that knowledge will be imparted to you.

People often think that my age is twenty years younger than it is.  While conducting seminars in Europe recently, one of the interpreters walked in and wanted to know if I was the youth instructor. I was the OLDEST of the group by far, yet the interpreter thought I was the youngest.  FAT2Fine will impart some of those keys of youth to you.

Within the pages of FAT2Fine you will read about the real life examples encountered in this journey called life.  The examples will enlighten you, some may shock you, but they are all true.

For years, my family operated a successful health, hot springs and wellness resort in the state of Alabama.   From birth, my father sensitized me to protect my health and seek reasonable means to do so.

I must emphasize that I am not a medical doctor and make no such claims.  However, in many instances I have been able to offer layman’s advice to individuals who inquired about my physical regimen and wellness practices.

There are some individuals to whom doctors had given a grim prognosis who are alive and well today after mimicking some of my everyday habits.  I have not sought these individuals.  My family and our strong stand in regards to health are well recognized.  We are well known across the nation because of tremendous success in business.  Consequently, we have a national audience of sorts.

Unfortunately, there are many people across the nation who are sick and need help.   Through the years as we have responded to their unsolicited inquiries.  We have done so as better-informed private citizens who have performed due diligence in reading, studying and practicing wellness in our own lives.  We love people enough to share the information.

There were things people needed, yet they couldn't find them on the market or they were too complicated and expensive.  Since I was a chemist, we created them and started a company to fill the need.

I am a problem solver.  It is the nature that God gave me.  I’ve developed over 60 products varying from electronics, computer programs, hair and skin care cosmetics, and nutritional supplements, many of which are on store shelves where you shop daily.  I have one granted patent and several patent applications on inventions, and FAT2Fine is my fifth book.  I’m accustomed to effective problem solving, but I had no real solution when I got this letter.  Now I do, and “FAT2Fine” is it.

We have been honored to serve.

We make no other claims and strongly encourage consulting a physician BEFORE participating in any of the exercises or dietary recommendations contained in this book.

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